Healing Springs Treatments

Aromatherapy & Relaxation Massage

Treat yourself to a blend of organic essential oils and pure hand-made flower infused oils created just for you.

Our aromatherapy massage is relaxing, nourishing soul food. It is a combination of lymphatic massage and deeper Swedish techniques designed to relieve muscular tension, detoxify, increase circulation and melt stress.

This divine experience encourages deep relaxation and a higher state of well being where healing and rejuvenation happen.



Healing - Rejuvenating - Blissful

Deep Tissue Massage

Same as above including deeper massage techniques for sore, tense muscles.

Acupressure and Shiatsu

~Reharmonizing mind, body and spirit~

Traditional Acupressure and Shiatsu release blockages  along the meridian lines, promoting a smooth flow of chi (energy) throughout the body--bringing it into alignment with the mind and spirit.

Acupressure and Shiatsu provide relief from many physical ailments while simultaneoulsy releasing the associated blocked emotional patterns. Acupressure and Shiatsu adress many conditions including stress, headache, insomnia, PMS and depression.

The combination of Shiatsu and Acupressure is a beneficial balance of stillness and movement. Both modalities are excellent ways to tap into our source energy and revitalize.


Elevating - Detoxifying - Transformational

Hot Stone Massage

Feel stress and tension dissolve completely as they are replaced with warmth, nurturing and inspiration.

The Hot Stone Massage is an unforgettable West Coast experience.

The basalt stones are hand picked from local beaches where they have been tumbled smooth by the ocean and rivers and infused with the natural healing power of the elements.

Allow this deeply relaxing experience to transform you as you surrender to the ancient healing wisdom of the Hot Stones.




Reiki is pronounced "Ray-key." In Japanese "Rei" means "universal" referring also to the spiritual dimension and the soul. "Ki" means the vital life force energy which flows through all things. When these two Japanese characters are combined they present the concept of "universal life force energy."

In a Reiki session the practitioner is a clear channel for universal life force energy to flow through. Hands are placed on the chakras, the "nadis" (energy centers) and the areas that require healing.

Reiki attunes one to the wisdom of one's higher self. Reiki heals disease, amplifies innate abilities and balances the spirit.

In Reiki there are 5 suggested principles for achieving happiness. It is recommended to speak these daily, morning and evening and comtemplate them in your heart:

  • For today, don't get angry
  • For today, don't worry
  • Be grateful for today
  • Work hard today (meditative practice)
  • Be kind to others today



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